HARDAH will be hoping to make it through to our LIVE pitching finals in the INNOV8 Award 2017 but who is this start-up and what do they do? The INNOV8 Team caught up with the Hardah team to find out more and to see if they can cut it to win the 100k investment at Business Rocks 2017.

Company Name: HARDAH

www.hardah.com and in May we’ll have www.hardah-business.com available as well.   

What date was your business founded?
June 2015

What is your team Size?

Have you had any funding?
Yes, more than 650’000 US$ with FFF

What does the company do?
HARDAH is a Swiss B2B and B2C start-up wanting to optimize and improve the personal and professional use of internet on computer, smartphone and tablet by creating the new generation of Graphical User Interface of the Web.

What is unique about the company?
HARDAH wants to position itself as the only key and global internet dashboard in peoples’ mind. It’s a major innovation. HARDAH should be a disruptive “lovemark” with strong USP and a Creative Business Idea strategy as well while becoming the standard and owning the complementary assets. The positioning as a swiss company based in Switzerland is important too. The reputation of Switzerland as a secure country with respect of privacy and information is a massive advantage of HARDAH on any other competitor. 

How big is the market opportunity?
For both hardah.com and hardah-business.com it’s huge. A 2015 study  reveals that 58% of companies have done at least 2 reworking of their Intranet, 64% of intranet are consulted on a regularly basis, companies have 3 collaborative tool in average, 54% of collaborative space cover transversal jobs, only 18% of companies don’t have collaborative tool and 55% of companies have social features in their digital tools.

Where are you headquartered?
Geneva, Switzerland 

What is the actual addressable market?
Actually computer users, mostly students and young users between 18 and 35 years old. 

What percentage of the market do you plan to get over what period of time?
Hard to measure but we want to reach 2’000 companies using HARDAH Business and 15 mios users for our app and hardah.com by 2020. We’ve been very conservative with our numbers and if we found an investment we think it’s possible to reach this numbers. 

Why does your company have high growth potential?
The Internet and search engines have been around for over twenty years, and as such the technology is well rounded and widely adopted. Therefore, consumers are asking for a better commodity, an improved user experience and hardah.com is the perfect match. HARDAH Business in the other hand is answering the actual trend to merge traditional intranet that are rigid vertical communication channels with the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) which is a collaboration tool with horizontal communication. HARDAH Business has both features. It’s a transversal communication and collaboration tool that could be implemented in addition with an existing tradition intranet. It’s one of the first Intranet 2.0 responding to companies’ needs.

Who are the founders and key team members?
David Delmi is the Founder and CEO (background in macroeconomics, leadership, strategy and UX design), Matias Cerchierini CTO and Lead Programmer hardah.com (Master EPFL, the swiss MIT, strong skills in back-end) and Stéphane Schwab, Lead Programmer HARDAH Business (15 years of back-end experience). 

What key additions to the team are needed in the short term?
We need a data analyst, a front end programmer and a Sales closer

How many employees do you have?

What motivates the founder?
Disrupt the market and propose a new websurfing experience improving our use of Internet for hardah.com and to create the first intranet 2.0 for HARDAH Business. The smartphone version of HARDAH would be a huge surprise. 

How do you plan to scale the team in the next 12 months?
We want to hire a Sales Closer and a Community Manager in Switzerland and a Web Designer, a front-end programmer, a data analyst, a mobile programmer, a Cyber Security expert, a marketing team member and 3 Sales Closer in the UK. 

Check out  HARDAH’s profile and look out to see if they make it past the pre-pitching rounds in the INNOV8 Award 2017.



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