AIESEC to HARDAH: the entrepreneurial mindset


“Do you want to get out of your comfort zone? Do you want to be more than just a student? What’s leadership?”

Those are the questions I’ve asked to many applicants during my AIESEC’s experience in Switzerland as OCP Project.

Before AIESEC I wasn’t considering entrepreneurship as one of my career opportunities. I was more into Finance and Private Banking. But thanks to AIESEC, I’ve discovered something that I’ve called the Jump!

When you’re in OGX, ICX, TM or Comm, you can see the result of your work. You can enjoy your achievement: you’ve got a concrete result. As a member of an AIESEC Executive Board and as the manager of the Institute for Value-based Enterprise (IVE) I’ve created the Leadership Conferences in Switzerland. I’ve seen the concretization of my idea into reality. It’s the same for a startup!


Leadership Conference with former Swiss President Pascal Couchepin and HARDAH’s CEO David Delmi

First you got to identify your passions, the people that you admire the most, their characteristics and what you’re really good at. You need to do this first step to join AIESEC, either to found your startup.

Then you got an Idea! It could be the idea of a new Organizing Committee for your Local Committee…or the idea to create an online dashboard for Internet. This one is my idea for HARDAH! I want to revolutionize our web surfing habits. I want to give users the possibility to take ownership of the web. I want to allow them to shape their own Internet with HARDAH.


HARDAH: the online dashboard! Shape your Internet!

Then finally you need to do the last but most difficult step: you need to jump! You have to dare to try to realize your idea. Let’s take back our Organizing Committee idea again. You will need to convince the Executive Board, Sponsors and your fellow AIESECers. It takes a lot of courage and a lot of effort to change something, to create an innovation. It’s the same with entrepreneurship. You’ll need to jump! You’ll need to take a decision: will I try to achieve my idea or would it just be an idea?

So I’ve jumped! And I’ve launched HARDAH with some swiss AIESECers. You can go on and try it. It’s just the beta version, we’re only at the beginning, but it’s a wonderful adventure. And I wouldn’t have done that if I wasn’t in AIESEC before, if I hadn’t learn to do this three first steps: passion, idea, jump!

Please share and join the web surfing revolution.


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