HARDAH: Origin of the name

“Hey man, look ! HARDAH!  It’s a new website, you can organise all your bookmarks in an elegant way, it’s the websurfing revolution. Let’s try it! ”

“Yeah ok, but HARDAH? What does it mean? It’s not an english name right?”

HARDAH is not an english name indeed, neither a french one. HARDAH came from two words:

-The two “H” for Harmony

-“ARDA” is a tribute to  J. R. R. Tolkien‘s legendarium.  Arda is the name given to the Earth in Tolkien’s books like Lord of the Rings. The Earth symbolism is like HARDAH’s visual identity: the circle!

This is the origin of the name HARDAHHardah_Black and White-Horizontal-02



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