Be ready, the web surfing revolution is coming soon!

One of our biggest invention, the Internet, is like a bookshelf in which each website is like a book. Everyone wants to add a new book, create a website. But no one thinks about innovating the bookshelf. So one day in Switzerland, a student got an idea! That’s what we’re going to do: change the bookshelf and create a web surfing revolution. HARDAH was born.

HARDAH is the first global, personal and adaptable web portal, the new web surfing revolution for computers. No more waste of time! With one glance you can now see what’s happening on all your websites.

No matter how old you are, whatever your cultural background or where you come from: HARDAH is going to be your simple and personal web portal.

Let’s live the innovation, don’t miss this opportunity, let’s make it a wonderful adventure, let’s explore, work and try! Let’s use HARDAH!

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